Amy Peters Wood Maine Artist


" Not many spouses would sail around the world in a boat they built with their partner on weekends over a ten year period. Fewer still, would return from a global circumnavigation and take to the skies on an amphibious float plane their husband built from the proceeds of the boat sale. But this unconventional partnership, where we each provide a key ingredient to the others creative process, is fundamental to my artwork.  

For me, art and science have always been two different ways of looking at the same thing. In order for me to express something artistically, I have had to know it scientifically. This need to know anatomy, chemical structure or subatomic physical properties has led me down a peculiar and convoluted art path, exemplifying the distorted experiences and musings leading to its creation. People, landscapes and buildings arise from the recesses deep within my imagination. Scenic vistas evolve into anatomical digressions. Forests become follicles, shrubbery and distant ridge lines morph into the greater omentum, that fantastic lace like organ which protects and heals, while microscopic organelles and cellular histology, can transform into rocks, trees or water.

I paint with egg tempera, using eggs from my own farm and pigments collected from around the world. Having done my honors thesis for my bachelor's degree in special relativity, I maintain a rapport with quantum mechanics and the relationship between energy and matter, time and space. As a practicing veterinarian, I also tend to see the world through the eyes of my patients, and my art reflects this symbiosis.."